Guaranteed SEO – Beware of false profits.

Guaranteed SEO

How can you lose with the guaranteed SEO results?!

Something which I had hoped was dead and buried is the idea of “Guaranteed SEO” specifically “Guaranteed Rankings” as a sales hook by shoddy, shitty, SEO companies.

It’s true, in the UK/US these types of SEO offers are rare and the markets are, for the most part, mature enough to understand the multiple fallacies of such offers. However, in the emerging markets these kind of offers seem to be quite the norm.

Working in Dubai, the SEO market is very underdeveloped. I have worked with several companies that counter any legitimate SEO offer from myself with examples of guaranteed rankings SEO offers.

How I Conquered Dubai – Foursquare API Automated Check-ins

I moved from Berlin to Dubai a little over a year ago. There can be little doubt that it is certainly one of the most impressive and awe-inspiring cities in the world. A city with incredible architecture wherever you look, from the world’s tallest building, to the world’s largest shopping mall, and more.

In comparison with Europe and North America the usage of Foursquare in the Middle East is much lower. This means that obtaining the mayorship of a popular venue or famous landmark is much easier than elsewhere.
Easier still if we can automate it…

By using the Foursquare API we can put together a little app to automatically check in a user at roughly the same time each day.

EU – UK Cookie Law Police Websites Fall Foul.

Sleeping Policeman

Sleeping Policeman

In recent years politicians and law makers have really fought hard to bring laws and regulation to the internet, often unnecessarily and with risible results.

The reason behind this is that the politicians that come up with the laws and write the regulations are, for the most part, totally and utterly clueless to how the internet works. You have to remember that these politicians are usually 50+ and are totally blindsided by the rapid growth of the internet and the changes in society that this brings.
These very politicians often view the internet in an entirely antiquated and non-enforceable way, yet they have an enormous power to wield law and legislation over it.

Finding your way around the Foursquare API

Batman Robin Foursquare

Foursquare is a popular location based Social media platform

Recently I have been getting to grips with the Foursquare API.

I really love playing with APIs and the data you can tap in to is often very impressive.
The key data to draw from 4sq is the user check-ins to see where a person has been. From this you can then build upon the data with various visulisations or validations, such as:

  • Visualising check-ins on a map
  • Comparing user check-in history
  • Customer Loyalty apps
  • The most important part is establishing a method to perform the API calls and properly handle the data returned.
    The official Foursquare developer portal has a lot of good information to assist with this, but below is an open source app written by myself.

    Create your own Font

    Cool Story Bro

    Cool Story Bro

    Hello World!

    Jump to the bottom for the good stuff :P

    These days, computers and the internet have all but replaced the written letter. Gone are the days that you would sit and pen a note to loved ones, or write a strongly worded letter of complaint.
    In fact, it seems that you can live day to day without ever having to put pen to paper.

    (Unless you choose to bank with German “Postbank” who are an absolute bunch of fucking Luddites and for whom it is permanently 1985, alas, I digress)

    Strip Domain from URL input

    ClockWork Orange Boy

    Viddy well, little brother. Viddy well

    Here is something that comes up quite a lot in SEO tools that I put together.

    to be honest I’m mostly posting this here so I can find it later when I need it in future projects ;)

    Particularly for linkbuilding it makes sense not to build multiple links from the same domain.
    When doing this alone on a small project, this isn’t really a problem. But when working on a big project, or a project with several people working on it, you need a method to check a potential link source against a list domains from which a link has already been placed.


    All Links are equal but some are more equal than others

    All Links are equal but some are more equal than others

    Why are links important for SEO?

    Links are important because they are a good metric for representing how valuable a website is.
    Compared to other metrics such as traffic, which is often kept private, links are a publicly visible way of gauging how popular or important a website is.

    In very basic terms, a link can be seen as a vote.
    The more votes you get, the higher you rank in Google.

    Whilst that serves as a nice analogy, the truth is a little more complex.

    Unlike in a democratic vote in which all votes carry equal weight, in the Google algorithm; All links are equal, but some are more equal than others.

    Tackling Duplicate Content on Mobile Websites

    Midget runs away from cops

    Mobile Browsers Are Smaller.

    Today I want to talk about how to optimise your website for mobile browsers.
    With the ever increasing use of mobile devices for accessing the internet, it would be foolish to overlook how your website performs on mobile browsers. There are many things to take into account when considering how best to present the content of your website to mobile users, not least that the screen size is drastically smaller, and navigation is often touchscreen based.

    Some of the main things that need to be taken into account are that any navigation must be large and well spaced, and text should be presented in a large, clear format.

    The Subdomain Solution (Bad)

    Facebook Friends Lists – Privacy Exploit.

    Facebook Friends

    I have often thought this...

    Ok, So the privacy trick is more of a trick/workaround than an exploit, and is by no means some kind of security hole/security exploit, but it none the less gives up some data that most people would assume to be private.
    The basic premise is very simple.

    If you set your Friends list as private, but your friends do not, your friends list is not (entirely) hidden, and there is nothing you can do about it :P

    The “exploit”, if you can even really call it that, relates to the privacy settings of your “Friends List” on Facebook.

    British English TwitterBot


    Keeping the British end up...


    Seems the people at Twitter are “Player Haters” and have suspended the account :(

    Was fun while it lasted!


    Good morning Internets.

    Last night on the way to a party, I was walking down the icy cold Berlin streets and was was struck with a cool idea.

    I’d never built a twitter bot before, but figured it couldn’t be too hard. I have worked with the twitter API a few times and its pretty straight forward.
    So, this morning, with last nights Gin n Tonics fermenting nicely into a comfortable Gin headache, I put together the British English Bot.

    It periodically checks twitter for American spelt words, and offers corrective suggestions to the tweeter..